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The Story

By radek.

Story Behind

Have you ever been preparing for a clash, be it intellectual, verbal, physical, only to realize nobody is interested in fighting with you, or worse — nobody even showed up?

10 amazing quotes from ancient Greek philosophers

By radek.
10 Amazing Quotes from Greek Philosophers

You are about to learn something new.

I know that article on famous quotes should be nothing but a list with the brief introduction, but I wanted to leave you with bit more insights.

Share Your Luck!

By radek.
Share Your Luck

Last summer I had to drive to Linz, small town in northern Austria. I didn’t use the ride-recording app I downloaded though. Why? Because recording your ride is illegal in Austria and, when caught, can cost you around 10.000 euro.

How did I learn about that?

Top 10 goals to achieve… that will leave you disappointed

By radek.
Top 10 goals to achieve that will leave you disappointed

I know how you picture it:

You achieve your goal. The last drop of sweat crawls from your forehead down to your nose. The warm, summer, setting sun turns the landscape around you gold and red, so that your achieved goal gets its cliche epic background.

But it is also possible, that, upon achieving your goal, all you’ll have to say is “meh”.

Why “Why” is the best question to ask

By radek.
Why “Why” is the best question to ask

Have you ever had that one simple question on the back of your head, when someone was telling you what you should do, or how you should do it? The “Yeah, but Why?” question? The same you eventually didn’t ask?

You probably should have asked. Really.

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